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Because The Hero4 Is Now In Pinas: 10 Insane Videos Shot With A GoPro

We pay tribute to previous-gen GoPros by coming up with a list of their impressive hits!
by Neps Firmalan and James Andrei Tan | Oct 29, 2014
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Listen up, outdoorsy boys and girls, we've got grand news for you! The all-new GoPro Hero4 cameras are now in Pinas, all set and ready to capture your daredevil, anti-couch potato exploits in crystal clear quality!

These new shooters were released globally just last month, and we're really glad they made their way here soon after. We've reported on the goodies they have here, but read on if you want the in-a-nutshell treatment:

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GoPro Hero: The budget offering of the Hero4 trio that's encased in a super clear and rugged housing, this camera comes with Full-HD video recording and ultra-wide angle lens.

GoPro Hero4 Silver: A touchscreen-packing, wireless-sharing shooter, the Hero4 Silver also boasts 12 megapixels of imaging goodness, Full-HD video recording, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

GoPro Hero4 Black: This one's the flagship shooter of the group, and it has the hardware to deserve that tag: 4K video shooting (30fps), 120fps Full-HD video capture, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, among others. It also comes with a nifty time lapse feature that adds more drama to your landscape videos. #Matindi

All three are now available locally, and here are the official SRPs: P7,990 (GoPro Hero), P20,990 (GoPro Hero4 Silver), and P25,990 (GoPro Hero4 Black).

Video via GoProTutorials

With the release of the newest GoPros, it's easy to dismiss the previous generations now as dusty, sub-par, relics compared to the new arrivals. But we won't. Instead, we'll pay tribute to them. These "oldies" helped propagate the whole "the-outdoors-is-freakin'-cool" trend on social media. Besides, do you think the 2014 GoPro Hero cameras would even be here if they didn't pave the proverbial way? We thought so.

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