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Golden Rules of Smartphone Use

Don't be a smartphone-carrying douche!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 16, 2013
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Ah, the smartphone, the one device that best epitomizes communication in the digital age (together with the Internet). It's everywhere and, for countries like the Philippines, everybody has one. Okay, maybe not everybody but, you get the drift.

That being saidand also because we're pretty sure you have one with you right nowthere are certain unwritten rules that govern our relationship with the device. Think of these as guidelines on how NOT to be a douchebag when using your smartphone. Check them out below.

1. Don't call/text while driving

Especially meant for:
Peeps who are always running late.
Big reason: Driving involves your utmost attention and concentration for obvious reasons. Doing another thing that takes your mind and eyes off the road and the steering wheel could potentially turn to a death wish, especially in roads like EDSA.

2. Don't turn conversations into shouting matches

Especially meant for:
Users who frequently get into LQs while on the phone.
Big reason: Shouting over the phone can be a scandalous move especially if it involves a lot of emotions. As such, doing so will attract the unwanted attention of others who probably don't appreciate you disturbing the peace. Also, it could be a 1-way ticket to YouTube notoriety.

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3. Be mindful of the Caps Lock key

Especially meant for: First-timers who are giddy in sending their first barrage of messages.
Big reason: Texting in all caps is recognized as the digital counterpart of shouting so, even though you don't mean to, well, shout, the one reading your SMS might think you are, and that you're angry and/or rude. So, check first if the Caps Lock key is on.

4. Your smartphone is not a juke box

Especially made for: Those who flaunt their tunes
Big reason: While you might deem your taste in music as superb, there's a good chance others will not appreciate you blasting out songs from your handset in public places. It will make you look like you're begging for attention and all you'll get are taas-kilay looks and judgemental frowns.

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