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Good Times: 9 Things We'll Miss About Our Old Friend, Windows XP

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP! But before you ditch it, let's look back at the little things that made this now ancient OS truly memorable...
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 10, 2014
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Still using Windows XP? Here's a tip: ditch it and go with a new operating system, STAT!

We're just looking out for you, bros. You see, last April 8, Tuesday, Microsoft officially pulled the plug on the almost 13-year-old OS in terms of support. This means Windows XP won't be patched and updated anymore, leaving it to die a slow death.

Yes, you can still use your PC running the ancient platform, but it now has a big bull's eye sign on its back. In other words, it's as prone to attack and malware infections as you are to diarrhea after skinny dipping in Manila Bay.

So do yourself a favor and upgrade now.

But if you're feeling super nostalgic, then sit back and reminisce with us first. This is, after all, practically the end of an era. For many users, Windows XP was their first ride on the Internet, and over a decade later, it's still popular as heck. In fact, it was so popular that by the end of 2013, it was the second most sikat OS in the world. Now that's staying power!

Windows XP, saying goodbye to you is like saying goodbye to an old friend. You're already Jurassic by today's standards, but we'll never forget the good ol' days when we surfed the Web on a dial-up connection, stalked our crush on Friendster, uploaded selfies before it was cool on Multiply, and transferred a Word file to a 128MB flash drive—all with you by our side.

And, more than just hooking us up to the web, there were a lot of little things that made Windows XP big in our geeky hearts, like...


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It's like hearing the welcoming chorus of a thousand angels on a field full of flowers and unicorns gently ushering us into a virtual world of pure bliss.



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