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Goodbye, Multiply: A Brief Look at the Site's History

Online marketplace calls it quits on May 31
by Neps Firmalan | May 6, 2013
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It's official, folks: The social online marketplace known as Multiply is shutting down. Fact is, today, May 6, is the site's last day of normal operation. (Update: As of 7pm, it looks like Multiply's URL is no longer working, which was not the case earlier today. This means the site has finally gone kaput.)

The cold truth was spilled via a short and blunt announcement, which reads:

multiply is shutting downOnline merchants, take heed!

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So yeah, after May 31, Multiply as we know it will cease to exist. For many of us, this is ain't a big deal. However, for online merchants who sell their goods through the site and their sukis, this could be alarming. Anyway, let's cut the gloom and doom talk for now; Multiply might be calling it quits, but that shouldn't eclipse the fact that it had its fair share of glory days as a pioneer in the social-networking scene.

Here we'll briefly look back at the site's history, from its beginnings in '04 to the present. Because, at the end of the day, it still had a damn good run.

In the beginning...

multiply is shutting downAh, the good ol' days...

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Multiply was officially launched back in March 2004. Introduced as a social-networking site with an emphasis on sharing photos and videos, it quickly became a hit, especially with those who really wanted to make yabang of their clips and snaps. It also had a blog feature that members can use as a sort of online diary to chronicle their escapades or to supplement their photos.

An ace up its sleeve

Multiply belonged to an age wherein social-networking sites were only starting out, along with YM and other chat services. From a normal user's point-of-view, it was similar to its peers hi5, Ringo, and MySpace in the sense that you get to "befriend" others via a social network and share stuff with themaside from the occasional stalking, of course.

But what really made Multiply popular, especially here in the Philippines, was its ability to host photos without the need for third-party sites or apps. Sure, you could do this on other social networks (remember Friendster?), but Multiply was our first taste of being allowed to upload insane amounts of images for all our online friends to see. Not only that; the site's system and overall feel almost looked like it was tailor-made for sharing snaps. In a way, you can say Multiply just does it better, and this will ultimately play a significant role in its evolution in the years after.

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