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Google and Motorola forced to give Apple Android data

Another point for Tim Cook and co.
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 7, 2012
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In an eerie echo of Steve Jobs' words to "destroy Android," a judge in the US of A has ordered both Google and Motorola to hand over Android development info to Apple, siding with the proverbial fruit that they should be given "roadmap" and acquisition details of the two companies.

Whether a roadmap means Google's future plans for Android or a historical timeline of how Android was developed remains to be seen, but of course Motorola is rejecting Apple's request and will most likely file an appeal, claiming that Google's documents are "not within the possession, custody or control" of Motorola and that it cannot force the Big G to produce documents.

AHA! Now we know why Android head honcho Andy Rubin claims to not be involved with Motorola and why, even after the merger, they will be run as separate entities---protection from patent lawsuits. Interesting...

We don't know how this'll turn out, but it sure is getting ugly. Motorola forces Apple products off of online stores in Germany, and Apple is not backing down even as Motorola is tightening its grip on its owned patents that Apple maintains are industry-standards and should be licensed to them.

Oh, what the world would be without rivalry. If Apple does succeed in shutting Android down, the consumers will surely be far from happy. Sometimes, it gets lonely at the top and we think Apple should know that better than anyone.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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