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LOOK: Google Has A Hidden Browser Game, And You Can Only Play It Offline

Stressed about your sucky Internet connection? This hidden gem will help you chill out!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 24, 2015
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When you're using Google Chrome and your Internet stalls, chances are you'll see this error message:

google chrome dino game

Which then might result to you doing this:

google chrome dino game
GIF via

Before you injure yourself (and regret wasting thousand of pesos), calm down, son! The pixelated dino image is not for calming you down but rather holds a little secret which is only revealed when you press the spacebar.

Intrigued? Watch:

Video via TrueDespair57

Yesit's a hidden game about a marathoning T-Rex jumping over obstacles! Who would've thought, right?

The aim of the game is to get a high score by pressing the spacebar to make the T-Rex jump over cacti. If you lose, you can always hit the game-over refresh button on the screen to go at it again. Google Chrome also remembers your high score and displays your progress on the upper-right portion of the window, although you'll go back to zero if you close the browser.

google chrome dino gameGIF via

More good news: It's not a desktop-only game, you could also play it using your Android device! Click here to know how.

Reports of Chrome having a hidden dino game first surfaced back in the last quarter of 2014 although, based on the number of "For real?" responses we had after asking our friends about it, only a blessed few seem informed. Well, here it is, bros! Go crazy!

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