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Jul 25, 2013
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Google is set to release Google Glass later this year (or early next year), and it's bound to get a lot of geek love owing to it almost looking like it came straight out of a sci-fi flick.

But wait, what is Google Glass? For the non-geeks and the uninitiated, it's Google's hi-tech take on the humble eyeglass, slapping it with features like an optical head-mounted screen, a 5-megapixel camera, and augmented reality (i.e. displaying relevant "hidden" info when you focus it on a select subject) functions. It will also come with Wi-Fi, which means information from the web can be easily and directly seen on its display without you needing to hook it up with another mobile device.

In other words, it's the next-gen, web-surfin', AR-packin' version of your dirty specs, something that even Inspector Gadget would love to have.

We're stoked to have our dirty hands on one, too bad we still have to wait at least a few more months to see it in the flesh. However, we can already imagine a few things that we bet our monthly sweldo will happen once it arrives and becomes popular. Check 'em below.


1. Augmented reality, hands-free and on your eyes!

As we've said, Google Glass will have augmented reality capabilities inside. This basically means it will have the ability to display lots of different types of information right on the glasses whenever you point it at something. For example, when you look at the sky with it, it might display the weather for the next few days or, when you point it to a cool movie poster, more previously hidden info about the flick could be shown. And since we also think lots of software companies will ride the Google Glass bandwagon, more and more AR apps ranging from the "meh" to the really cool will also arrive.


2. More "paparazzi" vids...in HD!

google glass

Google Glass has a 5-megapixel shooter. With that, more "paparazzi" clips of our fave celebs, VIP-only events, and personalities will come because, since you're already wearing it, you can snap or shoot away without having to take out a camera or a smartphone which could waste a few precious seconds. The good news is, since the on-board cam is also in 720p, these vids will also be in HD. Nice!


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