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Mar 20, 2014
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When we first learned about Google's augmented reality device called the Google Glass, we immediately thought of it as an ultra-geeky device.


Its feature set is the stuff of our sci-fi dreams. You've got a next-gen goodie that's packing wireless communication tools, a 5-megapixel shooter, photo and video capabilities, and a display that shows various kinds of info. Heck, it even has Wi-Fi! Definitely awesomesauce!

And when we saw how it looks like, we were instantly reminded of this:

google glass dragonball z

Anyone who has watched Dragonball Z will quickly recognize it. But, for those not fans of the animé or who were just too young in the '90s, that device is called the scouter. It's, perhaps, the most popular gadget in the series. Well, that and those little capsules that instantly transform into useful thingamajigs with one "Poof!".

You have to admit, the resemblance is there. But it goes beyond the looks. Geeks, here are six reasons why we think Google Glass is the Dragonball Z scouter of our time.



DBZ's scouter's claim to fame is reading the power levels of the show's characters (and exploding into a million bits when the levels are just too damn high). Google Glass also measures, not the power levels of us mere mortals, but other things. With the help of apps, the device will be able to measure stuff like your workout progress and even how much calories you take. And since apps are popping up like gremlins after a downpour, the possibilities are almost endless. Cool, yes?


google glass dragonball z

In one episode, Raditz, that long-haired saiyan who met his match in the form of Gohan's hard head, was shown relaying information about the dragon balls to his bros, Nappa and Vegeta. Clearly, it can be used to communicateeven through space! While we're betting Google Glass can't be used in space, it can be used to give your friends a holler. Just pair it with your smartphone and you're now good to use it to videochat, make voice calls, and send SMS.

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