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<p>Welcome to the American Dream</p>
| Jul 2, 2008
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Where: PS3, XBOX 360
What it’s about:
For those of you who’ve been living under your mum’s skirt and enjoying the wafting aroma of her tampons for most of your life, Grand Theft Auto is a game series about jacking cars, murdering hookers, and other leisurely pursuits that make your balls feel big. Grand Theft Auto IV is decidedly more of the same old criminal underworld-trawling shit that the past titles have put you through, but it receives a certified seal of freshness for a sharply written plot, and the addition of immersive new features that genuinely push the possibilities of what an open world ought to be. Set in the fictional burg of Liberty City, a proud crime capital, you control Serbian immigrant Niko Bellic on his quest for revenge and criminal infamy.

What’s good about it: Let’s get straight to the point: Grand Theft Auto IV has enough nerve-crushing depth and variety in what you can do to the point of making your rectum burst. Naturally, you can jack cars, perform missions for crime bosses, and conduct shootouts against the cops gloriously rendered with the Euphoria physics engine. But this time around, series developer Rockstar Games does not merely push the envelope with the addition of clever little gimmicks—it tears the thing wide open with an entire working ingame Internet, police database, and round-the-clock television shows. You can literally spend hour after hour watching comedy, talk shows, and sports in an unsubtly scripted parody of American daytime television. By going online at the TW@ Internet café, your virtual gangster-wannabe can access over a hundred websites to set up dates or dig up info on missions. You can also access a criminal - IVAN DAPUL

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