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<p>It can't be helped</p>
| Dec 24, 2008
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What’s it about: It is Grand Theft Auto 4—bad ass driving, bad ass characters, bad ass everything—as you know it, except it’s on the PC. So why make yet another version on yet another format? There’s a lot the PC can offer, apparently. First, there’s the Social Club that Rockstar offers those with Games for Windows account. Then there’s the increased multiplayer mode; from the 16 that the console versions offer, it’s now up to 32—32!—player mode. And for additional bad-ass vibe, GTA 4 offers the all-new Independence FM radio station allowing players to make their own songs.

What’s good about it: GTA 4 for PC has an easy-to-use video editor tool so you’re able to make awesome videos of your plays. Couple this with the massively-numbered multiplayer mode and that truly gives the game a social dimension; other players can watch your videos, rate them, diss them, love them, the whole kahuna. While GTA will need a lot of hard drive space, the moment you first set your eyes on the game will make you understand why: its graphics are effin’ beautiful!

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Verdict: Something tells us GTA 4 for PC is made for those waiting for this particular version, specifically. All the bonus features seem to require major effort on players’ part, most of whom, really, just want to play.

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