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Grand Theft Auto-China Town Wars

<p>Want some sizzlin' hot chinese?</p>
| May 7, 2009
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Nintendo DS
The newest entry in the Grand Theft Auto series may not have the graphical flair of its big brothers but it sure does have that same old feel to it. Chinatown Wars returns to GTA IV's Liberty City, where spoiled rich kid Huang Lee, follows his father's death, travels to "the worst place in America" to deliver an ancient sword to his Uncle Kenny, thus ensuring his family's control of the Triad gangs. Of course, things don't go as planned. Robbed and left for dead, the family heirloom is left in unknown hands and it's now up to you, spoiled Huang Lee, to reunite the family and recover the heirloom from the gangs of Liberty City.

The Nintendo DS’ stylus is integrated well in the game: When tossing a grenade you’ll have to position your pointer for the perfect throw trajectory. What it loses in HD glory, it more than makes up for in attitude. Obscene weapons like the chainsaw and mini-gun are back, plus the arcade-enthused blood bath that is the Rampage challenge, which dares you to cause as much carnage as possible within a time limit.
With the visuals running at 30fps, the developers did an exceptional job of cramming all the possible detail and physics in a small DS cart size, which is why it comes most highly recommended to any over-18 DS owner. -Marc Celis

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