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Group Review: Dell Streak 5

A smart phone inside a 5-inch tablet? Sounds awesome
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 23, 2011
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We deem the Dell Streak 5 Android Tablet Phone this week’s winner in the infantile wars of the tablets, already charming big with its portability and smart phone capabilities.

Nonetheless, a gadget review is in order. To be objective about it, we decided to pull off a group review. But frankly, we all just want to give our two cents on the Streak, mainly because we all want to try for it ourselves. Hence, the pros and cons:

Note: Mich isn’t actually as conyotik as we portray her to be, Gelo will always choose love over hate, and Neps is indeed an expert on reviewing gizmos. You can check out his gadget reviews on


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