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Happy 15th Birthday Metal Gear Solid! The Game’s 15 Most Unforgettable Moments

From epic boss fights to fourth-wall-breaking moments, Metal Gear Solid is hard to forget
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 6, 2013
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No one questions the legacy of Metal Gear Solid. The title, for anyone who really got into games in the Playstation era, was generation-defining. It redefined what an action gaming title was, and brought a tangible feeling of cinematic aplomb to the medium. It was an action movie whose narrative was fun to dissect, whose characters rivaled the best comic book characters, and whose gameplay greatly influenced many after it.

In short, this masterpiece by Hideo Kojima was instantly unforgettable. And two days ago, the game celebrated its 15th anniversary, having been released commercially in Japan last September 3, 1998. While Metal Gear had already been around way back in 1987 for the MSX game system, it was Metal Gear Solid that became the jewel in the crown. Since MGS’s release, the series has seen around two dozen more titles and spinoffs—at the same time, spawning countless games that also encouraged the art of skulking around, for which the series is famous. Last year, the 30-million-selling title has even been inducted into the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., as part of the museum’s The Art of Video Games exhibit.

All that said, we look back and pay tribute to gaming idol Solid Snake and the rest of the crew of Metal Gear Solid. On the next page are 15 of our favorite moments of the game. Chime in at the comments box below, and tell us what yours is.

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