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10 Browser Tricks Google is Hiding from You!

The Internet gone quirky!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 26, 2013
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We've been playing the role of big bro to y'all by giving you tips and tutorials on how to make your tech life better. Now we're gonna drop more knowledge, this time on how to have a bit of fun online (sans porn)!

Within the Internet are many hidden tricks that put an entertaining twist to our endless browsing sessions, thanks to the brilliant (and we're guessing sometimes bored to death) minds over at Google. And with a few clicks at the right spots, you might just find some of these easter eggs.  We picked 10 of the really interesting ones to show you that the web has a quirky side to it. Check 'em out below and have fun trying each one out! Also, be good lads and give us a holler if you find other interesting easter eggs worth sharing!

Trick 1: Do a barrel roll

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Fun factor: This trick makes your browser do a barrel roll, by that we mean it will spin 360 degrees counter-clockwise.
To do the trick: Simply type "do a barrel roll" on your Google search page.

Trick 2: Google gravity

Fun factor: Google gravity makes your Google home page come crashing down! Not only that, the results for the next searches you type will also meet a similar fate!
To do the trick: Type "google gravity" on the search bar and hit "I'm feeling lucky." Helpful tip: turn Google Instant off to have an easier time doing the trick.

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Trick 3: Recursion redundancy check

Fun factor: Google prides itself in being able to suggest the correct word if it feels you've misspelled something. However, when you type the word "recursion," it will ask you "did you mean recursion" which is basically the same one you entered. Spell redundancy! Maybe this is the Big G's way of messing with OC peeps who have to double-check if they spelled everything correctly.
To do the trick: Just type "recursion" and look out for Google's awkward question.

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Trick 4: You're Google's tilted, bro!

Fun factor: This one lets you trick unsuspecting users to think there's something wrong with their monitors.
To do the trick: Enter the word "askew" and watch the world tilt.

Trick 5: Google MentalPlex

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Fun factor: This one's a bit old, having been around since 2000, but tricking others that you can actually search with just the power of your mind is still cool!
To do trick: Visit Google MentalPlex's page here, find a friend, and convince him/her this is legit. ROFL after.

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