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Capcom Resurrects 'Resident Evil 2' With Gameplay Upgrades

The zombie franchise is raising the title back from the dead
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 19, 2018
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You may have seen the cinematic trailer, but have you watched the gameplay of Capcom's remake yet? Several outlets got twenty minutes of playtime during E3, here's one take without any annoying voiceover:

It all looks familiar and different at the same time, but there are several things that really pop out.

Interaction prompts

Aside from the fact that items were sometimes hard to see against the pre-rendered backgrounds, the old-school game also rewarded meticulous explorers allowing them to mash X all over the scenery to find solutions to puzzles and even hidden loot. The remake helpfully puts markers over things you can interact with, a welcome feature if you're the type who hates missing out on anything.

Photo by Youtube 

Objective indicator

The classic Resident Evil experience involved running around aimlessly as you figure out what to do next—2019's remake looks to ease you in instead by indicating your main objective. Hopefully, we can turn this—and the item prompts—off to appease the purists who will surely complain that it dumbs things down.

Photo by Youtube


Everything is dark—oh, god

The first time around, the fixed camera angles limited your vision and made everything claustrophobic and terrifying. Now, you have full visual freedom with the Resident Evil style of camera but Capcom made everything claustro and terrifying by turning down the damn lights.

Photo by Youtube

Zombie variety

Now that you have a whole lot more pixels onscreen, the devs also put in a greater variety of zombies, and that makes a surprisingly big difference. The added immersion of shooting an appropriately pot-bellied cop zombie is not to be underestimated.

Photo by Youtube 

Counter attacks are in

The demo shows that the counter item mechanic from the Resident Evil HD remake is also present in the game—another welcome addition because these new zombies seem sturdier than we remember.

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Photo by Youtube

We're sure Capcom will release more footage in between now and the game's release, but we're already hyped on this alone. January 2019 can't come soon enough!

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