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Here are Globe's Samsung Galaxy S III postpaid plans

Pre-order period starts today!
by Neps Firmalan | May 23, 2012
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Here's a bit of good news for those wanting to grab the Samsung Galaxy S III under Globe Telecom. The telco has now revealed the postpaid plans and pricing for the Korean-titan's latest flagship device! See below.

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As you can see, the Galaxy S III will be free via My Super Plan 2499 and up and Unli Surf Combo Plan 2499 and 3799 which is just what we predicted. A bit of reminder though, the monthly cashout indicated includes the monthly fee you'll have to pay for the phone itself, on top of your subscription fee. For Citibank and BPI account owners the cashout payment period will be 24 months (for Unli Surf Combo Plans 999 and 1799). However, we're also told that, for BPI account holders, the 2-year installment period is good of transactions made before July 21, after that, it will be cut to 12 months.

Today is also the day Smart officially opens per-orders for the Galaxy S III. However, we've just checked the site and only the reservation form is up online; there's still no mention of what plans the device will be on under the MVP-owned telco. We'll be keeping watch.

To pre-order via Globe, click here

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