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Kill Your Boredom With These Facebook Messenger Instant Games

Now you have more reason to waste time on this app
by Tanya Umali | Dec 1, 2016
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Most of us use Facebook's Messenger for chatting with our friends. It can get a little boring sometimes, which is why Facebook decided to include a basketball game and a soccer game within the app so you could compete with your friends. 

Now, the social media company decided to take things up a notch by adding more games to the roster. 

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The new feature, which Facebook calls Instant Games, was introduced last Tuesday and will be available on iOS, Android, and even on desktop.

According to a statement made by Facebook, Instant Games will allow you to “play without having to install new apps.” All you have to do is tap on the controller icon, which you will find in your current chat conversation, and select the game you want to play from the dropdown menu. When you've chosen a game, it will automatically load on the screen of the person you are chatting with as well.  

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As of now, it's only available in Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Israel, Cyprus, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Taiwan, Estonia, Russian Federation, Hong Kong, Finland, Singapore, France, New Zealand, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Latvia, Austria, Australia, Netherlands, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway so we may have to wait a bit longer before Facebook decides to roll out the Instant Games here in the Philippines

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To give you something to look forward to, we've listed the 17 games which will be included in Facebook Messenger's newest feature:

Pac-Man — Our favorite classic arcade game will be brought to life by Facebook's Instant Game. Of course, it might be a bit more difficult than the usual Pac-Man since you'll have to swipe through the screen in order to pass through the incredibly small tunnels.  

Galaga — The only difference between the original Galaga and the one in Instant Games is that you'll only get one life per game. Once you lose, it will restart again. Concentration is definitely a must. 

Arkanoid — This game is pretty decent and easy to play since it includes mobile controls instead of just randomly swiping through your phone's screen. 

Space Invaders — ­If you're in the mood for a galactic shooting game, try out this retro fave. 

Track & Field 100M — You and your chat partner will have to beat each other's score as you race with a computerized opponent with super fast running skills. 

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Shuffle Cats Mini — Are your hands fast enough for this card-flicking shooting gallery game?Beat your opponent by mixing both visual and hand skills. 

Words With Friends: Frenzy — Prepare your dictionary and vocabulary! It's like Scrabble but instead of having your opponent play with you in the same room, you can compete with each other even when you're in two different places. 

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Hex —  Have you ever seen a game that looks like a cross between Tetris and Candy Crush

EverWing — Another spaceship shooter, but with better graphics. 

Endless Lake — This game is like the lovechild of Temple Run and Monument Valley. Keep running until you reach your goal. The game includes funky art that will keep you entertained.

Templar 2048 — Though this game is a bit confusing due to the time pressure and the need to match three images instead of two, it's still a fun time killer.

The Tribez: Puzzle RushPuzzle Rush looks is similar to Candy Crush, but instead of cute bears and candies, you'll be seeing a lot of dinosaurs in the background. 

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2020 Connect — Just match three numbers in order to get rid of them and clear the playing space. 

Puzzle Bobble — It might take a while for you to finish this game due to its slow pace, but it's a real stress buster.

Zookeeper — Match 8-bit animals as they go down the playing field. The game includes hippos, pandas, bunnies, and lions. 

Brick Pop — Brick pop is a dots-type puzzle game. Try downloading it on Google Play if you're feeling curious. 

Wordalot Express — A Scrabble-slash-crossword puzzle game that will put you and your opponent under time pressure. It's both frustrating and fun. 

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