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Here's What Might Happen If We Kill The Headphone Jack On All Smartphones

The days of using wired earphones on our smartphones are numbered
by Tanya Umali | Jan 16, 2017
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After the whole iPhone 7 headphone jack fiasco, we should all be prepared and just accept the fact that this will be the future of our smartphones. Recently, HTC announced their new flagship phone, which seems to be following the footsteps of Apple.

At first glance, the HTC U Ultra looks like any ordinary smartphone, until you try to listen to the phone using your headphones. Only then will you find out that it's missing its 3.5 mm headphone jack, just like in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

After this great reveal, everyone assumed that this would soon be the reality of future handsets along with other changes such as a second screen, eye movement trackers, and many more.

But what exactly would be the impact of this major change in the smartphone industry? Here are the possible side effects of totally removing the headphone jack from mobile devices:   

Manufacturers would have to make adjustments

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Headphone mighty cut down on the wired earphones they produce as they start to manufacture wireless replacements. Some might even do a recall of the headphones they already released in the market due to the low demand from consumers. 

3.5 mm headphones might become obsolete, or at least way cheaper than their original price

Since the demand for wired headphones will be at an all time low, their price will most definitely go down. Worst case scenario is companies will stop making them. 


Adapters and dongles will start to sell like hotcakes

Since some people will refuse to let go of their old earphones, they'll most likely look for a substitute. The best option would be purchasing a dongle that would be compatible to their jackless smartphone. 

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Bluetooth technology will improve

Since future smartphones will most likely have wireless earphones that need to be connected via Bluetooth, expect Bluetooth technology to improve.

The size of headphones will increase

Almost everyone finds Apple's Earpods inconvenient due to its miniature size. They are easy to lose since they are not connected to each other. As a solution, manufacturers might start maknig headphones bigger to avoid misplacing them. 

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