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Here's an upcoming Google Glasses rival from Oakley

Will try to win with style
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 18, 2012
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Oakley may not be that much associated to tech but that doesn't mean that the sunglasses-maker won't come up with something that would tease our geeky hearts. Fact is, the company is currently developing next-gen eyewear that could project and show images and information on its lens, much like what we saw with Google Glasses.

Oakley's CEO Colin Baden revealed that their company has been thinking about developing AR (augmented reality) glasses for 15 years now so this could be their biggest step yet. The features and tech specs of the said eyewear have not been thoroughly revealed though it is said that the prototypes can be either a standalone or tethered system that would connect to smartphones via Bluetooth and have built-in voice feature similar to Siri. Now that's something to look forward to!

We're told that this will be initially offered to athletes and, just maybe, find its way to military systems. Now, this isn't exactly new and, as we've said, it reminds us a bit of Google Glasses although Oakley says theirs will be more stylish. We sure do hope so! We wouldn't want to be seen walking in public wearing ugly geeky eyewear that would draw attention to us for all the wrong reasons.

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