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Mar 16, 2012
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One of the most obvious characteristics of the new iPad is that, well, it looks almost identical to the iPad 2 (although it's also a wee bit larger). Apple made very minimal changes in terms of looks to the latest version of its tablet and instead focused on the display and what's on the inside. So, we're curious, what does the new iPad's innards really look like? What are the goodies it's tucking beneath its exterior, hidden in plain sight?

Fortunately, iFixit played the role of the early bird and got a unit before everyone else and proceeded to dissect it to see what's lurking under the new iPad's hood. The site is popularly known for doing "tear downs" like this as a way of revealing the parts and components of popular devices to consumers. Anyway, check out the clip below.

For those who are planning to buy one, those are the things you'll be paying for inside the new iPad. A larger battery, faster processor, much better screen, and an upgraded camera---all these have been said and revealed before but it's nice to actually have a closer look at them. Anyway, you could also hit the gallery below for photos if you found the video a bit wanting.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan