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Here's the latest buzz on the next-gen Sony PlayStation 'Orbis'

Some good, some not so good...
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 29, 2012
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Rendered concept of the PlayStation 4 

Here's something for those very excited for the coming of the so-called PlayStation 4 (like us)! We're now hearing reports that the next version of Sony's uber popular console is called Orbis and that its debut will be sometime in late 2013. Not only that, some bits about its rumored capabilities have also been revealed and, for those, read on.

According to Kotaku's sources, the PS3's successor could bear the name Orbis or Latin for circle or ring. However, the site also explains that Orbis might only be the codename during the development process which means its final retail name could be different. This naming scheme makes sense when partnered with the PS Vita. Combine the two and you'll get Orbis Vita or Orbis Vitae which is Latin for "Circle of Life," pointing to the possibility that Sony's new handheld will play an important role for the PS Orbis.

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As for specs, the next PlayStation is said to sport an AMD x64 CPU that will be partnered with an AMD Southern Islands GPU. This combination will enable the device to display games at a whopping 4096 x 2160 resolution or above what current HDTVs need. Nice! 3D gaming is in the bag, too, at HD 1080p resolution, higher than what the PS3 can safely manage in 3D.

There's a bit of bad news for those who have plenty of PS3 games, however. Kotaku's sources also cite that the PS Orbis will not be backwards compatible which means you won't be able to play old titles from its predecessor on it. PS Orbis games will be available in two ways, on Blu-ray discs or as a PSN (PlayStation Network) download. Lastly, there also seems to be anti-used games measures baked in as Blu-ray titles will be locked to a single PSN account. We're not pretty sure but it seems you need to authenticate each Blu-ray game you buy via PSN.

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Again, nothing's confirmed yet and there's a lot of time from now until the tail-end of 2013 so changes are bound to happen. Needless to say, it looks like the next couple or so years will be very interesting in the console wars. In the meantime, you could scroll through the gallery below for popular games that will be out or have been released this year.

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