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Hi-Tech Humor: Best of April Fools' Day 2013

Welcome to next-gen pranking
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 2, 2013
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Yesterday was the first day of the fourth month of the year. In other words, lumipas na naman ang April Fool's Day!

You know what that means: pranksters on overdrive trying to trick as much people as they can. It's a global tradition and, as with past years, the world of tech wasn't spared. In fact, the land of gadgets and gizmos had some of the most elaborate pranks, ones that would make The Joker proud (but with less things going BOOM! and people running for cover).

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Don't believe us? Take a peek below and see why geeks can be some of the most creatively naughty characters around.

1. YouTube is shutting down!

 The prank: The world's largest video-streaming site is calling it quits and reveals that it's actually an eight years-long contest to pick out the best online video of  'em all.

Almost had us fooled, if not for: The fact that judging millions and millions of videos would be a huge pain in the behind... and nearly impossible.

But what if it's true?: A sad day for the Internet. Say goodbye to those cute cat videos and meme clips. Oh no!

2. Google Nose

 The prank: Google's new function lets you smell just about anything you search for!

Almost had us fooled, if not for: Interesting video, but adding an olfactory function to laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones is as next-gen as it can get, and we deem it's too early now. Still, nice try!

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But what if it's true?: This, folks, will be the true search experience. It would be a joy searching for, say, FHM babes, dahil maaamoy mo na rin sila! But we imagine the Safesearch function will be ON by default for obvious reasons.

3. Nokia Microwave touchscreen oven

Nokia microwave oven
The prank:
Finnish phone maker Nokia expands its product portfolio with a touchscreen microwave oven!

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Almost had us fooled, if not for: Nokia is not a home appliance company, and before they change styles, a huge announcement would've made waves first. Plus, a yellow-colored microwave? That's...weird.

But what if it's true?: A touchscreen microwave oven that has smartphone functions would offer additional benefits, like having downloaded apps that can teach you how to, um, best reheat pizza. And there would likely be more Instagram-ers because of this bad boy.

NEXT: A new gaming console! Gmail in blue! And tech for bantay! 

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