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8 Free Apps To Guide You Through Holy Week

Stay glued for a good reason
by Justine Punzalan | Mar 30, 2018
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Philippines is the largest Catholic country in Asia with 90 percent of the population being advocates. And Holy Week is one of the most important occasions that the community honors every year. During this time, most of us are expected to be on the road. Devotees participate in religious practices such as Visita Iglesia or Alay Lakad. Non-believers, meanwhile, take this four-day weekend to relax on an out-of-town getaway.

With everyone going round and about the streets, this Holy Week is also an ideal time to use your gadgets for a good—even holy—purpose. FHM recommends 8 mobile apps best placed on your phone’s screen, for a more convenient and meaningful Holy Week.

1. Waze

With 100 million downloads to date, Waze has been every driver’s trusty companion through the traffic in and out of the metro. This turn-by-turn navigation app delivers real-time updates including crashes, road repairs and police presence. It gives you three routes to choose from, each with estimated time of arrival accurate by 97 percent.

If you’re going on Visita Iglesia today, Waze’s automatic rerouting feature will get you to the churches the fastest way possible. Parking would be easier too, with the areas marked on its map. And don’t worry if you’re stuck in traffic. With the app’s social media integration, you can also get  tips from other users on the road with you.

Download it for free on iOS or Android

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is a turn-by-turn navigation app like Waze, but provides directions also for commuters, bikers, and those who prefer to walk. It will lead you to your destination through the quickest route possible, and reports live traffic conditions, incidents, and estimated time of arrival.

Finding a ride for commuters is made easy through the integration of Uber and Grab in the app. If you prefer to travel via jeepney, Google Maps can also show you the stations nearest you. If you’re hungry or in need of cash, click on the Explore tab to find nearby restaurants, cafes, groceries, gas stations, pharmacies, and ATM machines. Google Maps won’t just guide you to where you want to go, it will also provide you with the back-up you might need along the way.

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Download it for free on iOS or Android

3. Grab

With its recent acquisition of Uber Southeast Asia, Grab continues to be the go-to transportation booking service of its 50 million users worldwide. It offers easy access to hailing taxis, cars, and 6-seater vehicles.

Since most of us would be on the road today, avoid the hassle of getting your way through, by reserving a ride for a scheduled time. You can avail of it for free too, with the referral code you can send to a friend who hasn’t downloaded the app yet.

Download it for free on iOS or Android

4. AccuWeather: Weather Tracker

Weather is one of the factors to consider before kick-starting the day’s itinerary. And AccuWeather is here to provide you with the information you need. The app is rated 4.7 by iOS users and 4.4 by Android’s. It offers accurate alerts of local weather conditions in real-time, hourly, and daily basis. It also comes with a feature to notify you when to bring a jacket or an umbrella. Load on valuable and entertaining information through its News feed that offers environment news from all over the world.

Download it for free on iOS or Android

5. Laudete

Laudete is a Catholic’s comprehensive source for a reflective and meaningful Holy Week. It offers daily readings and Bible verses, as well as a long list of prayers and chaplets. The Station of The Cross will lead you through the ritual. Its guide for confession will help you contemplate before taking the sacrament. Store your own realizations in “My Prayers”, so you can easily reflect on it, even after the Lenten Season.

Download it for free on iOS or Android

6. Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross app is our old prayer book turned into mobile app. It is a detailed record of the prayers Catholics recite through the 14 stages of Christ’s passion. It is simple and easy to use. A swipe on the right displays the prayer for the next station. Reading in the dark is easy with the app’s optional dark theme.

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Download it for free on iOS or Android

7. (Belated) Visita Iglesia

Advocates who are abroad or can’t leave home can accessibly tour churches this Holy Week, with the use of the Visita Iglesia app. It showcases 14 of Cebu City’s cathedrals and parishes, and provides the location, historical information, and architectural features of each.

The app was developed to support the nationwide Digital Tourism campaign of Smart Telecommunications, Inc. and media agency InnoPub Media. Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma and the Archdiocese of Cebu sanctified the church component of the said campaign.

Download it for free on iOS or Android

8. Gonutss – Vegan Translator

No-meat Lenten diet is made enjoyable and not to mention Instagrammable, with the gonutss – Vegan Translator app. It features various healthy recipes and organic alternatives to meat or any non-vegetarian food you might be craving for this weekend. Type “bacon” on its search tab, and it will give you “tofu, seitan and mushrooms”. Try “chicken nuggets”, and it will provide you with a step-by-step guide in cooking soy nuggets. This app will help you satisfy your protein-cravings without the guilt. It’s a handy tool not just for this week, but throughout summer as you work on that bangin’ beach bod.

Download it for free on iOS and Android


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