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Home (Theater) Improvement: The Epson Full HD 3D Projectors

Your first step in making your own moviehouse
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 5, 2012
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You plop down on your sofa, power on your 42-inch LCD set, and pop in some Transformers or some other Michael Bay dynamite extravaganza.[firstpara] You don’t even like Michael Bay, but let’s face it; huge-ass robots are perfect for showing off your home theater set-up. Son, you got it made.

Or so you think, at least until you get a glimpse of these wonderful doohickeys from Epson: the EH-TW8000 and TW6000 home theater projectors. Suddenly, that 42-incher you got is not looking too fancy, because if you’re really aiming to transform your den into a veritable moviehouse-in-a-house, it’s a projector you want. And not that one your office uses for displaying PowerPoint presentations.

These Epson projectors are the real deal. Both display images at full HD (1080p) and are 3D-ready. “The World’s Brightest Full HD 3D Projectors,” Epson calls them. They’re the first-ever 3D projectors from the company, and they enter the market with a bang featuring a plethora of technologies that ensure that your irises are seared by the time you’ve finished a flick.

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Chief among them: a 480 Hz projector shutter system. Slower 240 Hz systems found on ordinary projectors have trouble displaying 3D images without losing image crispness and radiance. A 480 Hz refresh rate guarantees a triple-A 3D experience. Ultra-bright, eco-friendly, lead-free E-TORL lamps power these units, which are bright and powerful enough that the images remain clear even if you can’t dim the room down to optimum levels.

Washed-out images obviously dampen the experience. So it’s with good judgment that Epson gave these units enough juice to produce images with enough contrast: deep blacks and pure whites. The TW8000 has a contrast ratio of 200,000:1, while the TW6000 stands at 40,000:1, the standard in most LCD TVs. HDMI connectivity, as well as dual-screen capabilities also come standard in both units.

The TW8000 does have extra features that warrant the higher price it warrants. It boasts 2D-to-3D conversion technology, and image-enhancing features such as Super Resolution Technology and Frame Interpolation, which reduces motion blur. At 160,000 pesos, it’s no surprise that it’s packed with these extras to accomplish the heavy task of reproducing the cinema experience at home. The TW6000 is more affordable at 119,000 pesos, and does have a pair of 10-watt speakers and auto color mode.

So far, we know that these Epson projectors are really bright, ready for HD and 3D, and that they also cost a pretty penny. But if you’ve got a house big enough that you even considered our suggestion of transforming one of your rooms into a cave of cinematic wonders, then, why not? The TW8000 and TW6000 got your back. Perfect for doing shadow puppets too!


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