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The Funny Story Of How Apple Created The New MacBook

No, really! This is how it came to be!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 14, 2015
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We had this reaction planted on our faces when we saw Apple's all-new 2015 MacBook for the first time earlier this week:

2015 macbook creationGIF via

It's not really about the hardware inside (which is quite impressive but by no means ground-breaking with other new laptops having similar or even better specs). What really blew us away was its appearance, which has the same effect a handsome car gives to a not-so-handsome guy.

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We mean, look:

2015 Apple Macbook

At only 13.1mm thick and tipping the scales at a measly two kilos, this glitzy gizmo is actually Apple's lightest and thinnest MacBook to date. We have one major beef with it though: The lack of physical ports like HDMI and USB which is a minus when it comes to versatility in connectivity. However, we just can't find it in our hearts to stay angry at it, especially if it's looking back at us in all its shiny glory.

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Yes, we're impressed and all but, we just had to ask: Hey, Apple! How the hell were you able to create such a beauty and cram stuff like 8GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and a Core M processor (among others) in a package that will make supermodels envious?

Apple's usually super secretive about the stuff that goes behind its walls, but it seems like lady luck is on the side of the curious this time. Here it is, folks; the story of how the 2015 MacBook came to be, according to an Apple "engineer":

Video via Armando Ferreira

The three-and-a-half-minute video can actually be summarized in two sentences: Ulyanin Jony Ive forgot to slap the USB ports on the device and presented a half-baked laptop to a well-dressed Tim Cook, a person no Apple employee wants to piss off. Obviously scared, Mr. Ive expected the worse but, thanks to some form of twisted coincidence, Timmy ate it all up and approved the design!

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And there you have... OH WAIT, THAT DOESN'T SOUND LEGIT!!!

In case you haven't caught on, the video's a fake (duh!). The original clip actually shows the Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja talking about his work in a beach resto for a TV program. It was edited to make fun of the new MacBook and its perceived shortcomings (e.g. expensive price tag).

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