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Here's How Facebook Would've Looked Like In The '90s!

Mark Z's giant social-networking spawn in the era of Windows 95, elephant jeans, and <em>jolens</em>!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 24, 2015
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Facebook was born in 2004, but have you ever wondered how it would look like in the '90s? We have! And if you're like us, well, today's your lucky day!

Comedian Brent Weinbach of FunnyOrDie has created a video that answers just that. Aside from being accurate (at least from our POV), the clip's also effin' hilarious!

So, how would Mark Z's giant social-networking spawn look like during the era of Windows 95, Sega Dreamcast, Pogs, and jolens?

Enough talk, press play!

Video via Brent Weinbach

Sakto, yes?

As a summary, the clip shows us that '90s Facebook (or "The Facebook" as the video calls it), will have...

That overly simplistic layout '90s websites are notorious for

90s facebook

A logo that will make us cringe feel a bit nostalgic

90s facebook

Enough rectangles and squares to fill a high school geometry book

90s fashion

Graphics that remind us of our days playing around with Microsoft Paint

90s facebook

Colorful texts '90s chat sessions are notorious for

90s facebook

Pixelated bikini shots (cameras already existed back then, you know)

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