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How the Anti-Cybercrime Law will Change our Online Lives

It ain't pretty...
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 3, 2012
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Today, October 3, is the first day in the office of the newly-minted Anti-Cybercrime Law of the Philippines. It's the hottest item in town, even hotter than that LSS-worthy Gangnam Style song, especially now that it's already in effect.

The thing is, for a so-called godsend weapon against online baddies, our own cybercrime-bustin' law has been receiving more curses than praises. Marami-rami na ring napamura dahil dito. In fact, protests against its implementation have been piling up, even turning the blue-white land of Facebook into a kingdom of black squares and gray rectangles.

What's up with that? Well, if it weren't for the addition of the section on online libel to the law (yes, it wasn't part of the original draft) by Sen. Tito Sotto, things might've been a whole lot different. Don't get us wrong, the Anti-cybercrime Law has the tools to combat the usual suspects (i.e. hacking, cybersex, illegal access), but its perceived flaws are too big to ignore.

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Dahil matatapang kami dito sa FHM (ehem), we decided to get our imaginations to work and show you guys how the local online scene will be like if the Anti-Cybercrime Law's flaws are not addressed. Check out the gallery below and find out why many are using words like nakakainis, nakakaasar, nakakatakot, nakakapagpabagabag to describe our own Anti-Cybercrime Law.

Disclaimer: We used a bit of humor and exaggeration in our entries below so the scenarios may not necessarily come as envisioned. Still, the core issues remain so you could look at this as a reminder more than anything else. Paalala lang mga ser!

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