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7 Ways to Show Technophobes the Joys of Tech Toys

Because they deserve some techie lovin', too!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 2, 2013
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Technophobesthey're all around us, casting dagger looks on gadgets and avoiding all techie things like they're the plague. They're like technophiles, only completely the opposite. 

A technophobe is a person with an unusual or even irrational fear or dislike of gadgets and advanced technologies. Not only are they intimidated with fancy new tech like your lolo or lola, they just dislike tech for reasons beyond us.

This aversion towards technology makes it easy for us to get frustrated, and gives us reason to shun them off as stuck-in-the-past-scaredy-cats. But today, we're not going to do that. We're going to spread the tech love, geeks! And we're going to show our dear technophobe friends that gadgets ain't that bad.

Start with these tips:

1) Avoid all the sh*t nerds say

how to deal with technophobes tips
Blood oozing out of her nose: not a good sign

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Kaka-nosebleed tech terms and jargons like quad-core, DDR3 RAM, SSD storage, and Super AMOLED can confuse the heck out of the uninitiated, so it's a no-no to put them in a conversation with a technophobe. If you don't want them running for the hills or incessantly changing the topic, you could try using more recognizable everyday words to describe, say, how badass the screen is on a new smartphone.


From: "Wow, the 3D visuals on this full HD touchscreen is awesome sauce!"

To: "Wow, the videos and photos on this display are really life-like! Parang tunay lang!"

2) Don't diss the old, praise the new

 Many technophobes will cling to older things because these are proven to be safe without all those new features that in their minds can potentially be bad news. Nuclear energy for one,  will be quickly dismissed by the worst offenders as something that will transform Earth into one giant Hiroshima. This will make them close-minded towards newer gadgetsand getting them started on tech, a whole lot harder.

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how to deal with technophobes tips

We all have that friend that still uses an old-school handset

To help avoid this, you can avoid dissing older gadgets, like your mom's VCR or your dad's Atari. Treat 'em like they're significant finds and not aging relics in the conversation. By doing so, you won't come off as a douche that doesn't like old school things to a technophobe. Then, you could ease the intro to your new gadget into the conversation without losing the "momentum."

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 From: "FamiCom? So old and crappy, pare! PlayStation 4 is the shit!"

To: "Ah, the FamiCom. We still remember the days when we endlessly gamed on it, a device that was instrumental in developing newer consoles like the PlayStation 4!"

3) Translate hard-to-understand concepts into real-world objects


                                               If your gramma is like Lola Techie, then she's in good hands

Try as we might, there are just some tech terms that can't be easily described in layman's terms. The trick here is to associate and relate them to everyday things or concepts that can be more easily understood by common folks, even technophobes. This way, they can actually focus on what they mean rather than getting lost in translation because of one or two hard-to-define words.


From: "My PC has a 500GB hard drive!"

To: "My PC can store around 1,000 movies and a gazillion songs!"

NEXT: Ditch model numbers!

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