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How To Find Out Who's Viewing Your Facebook Profile

Unmask the people who do regular 'research' on you
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 20, 2017
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We're sure you're curious to know who’s been viewing your Facebook profile these days. Just like knowing who unfriended you, there’s an unexplainable satisfaction in finding out who's affected by your online presence—whether they hate you (thus, the unfriending) or like you (or, perhaps, stalk you).

There are a number apps on the Internet that claim to have access on your profile visitors, but Facebook has repeatedly said these do not work at all. Yet, if you really want to try (and willing to take the risk), we found some unofficial ways to figure out who frequently keeps tab on you.

(Again, none of these apps are Facebook-approved. Using other programs gives strangers access to your personal information, like those crazy Facebook quizzes. If you don’t want to authorize other apps, don't click that download button.)

1) Who Viewed My Profile

Free Android app ‘Who Viewed My Profile’ shows your Facebook profile visitors once you download it on the Google Play Store. After downloading, start the app and tap the “Connect to Facebook” button. Then, enter your account details and let the app gather information of the people who have viewed your Facebook profile. It will take a few seconds before you see your profile visitors. The list is refreshed from time to time so you can check new profile visitors every day.

11,315 out of 13,894 reviewers recommend this app

Download it here


2) Profile Stalkers for Facebook

‘Profile Stalkers for Facebook’ works exactly the same way as app ‘Who Viewed My Profile’ does. After installing it, allow it to access your account, and afterwards, it’ll list your most recent profile visitors.

46,560 out of 53,437 reviewers recommend this app

Download it here

3) Social Profile Chrome Extension

This extension lets you see your profile visitors on Facebook. After downloading the browser extension, you will see "Visitors" menu in your Facebook page. Click it and a popup with a list of people who recently visited your profile recently will appear. You can see the last seen date for each user in the list, as well.

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Download it here


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