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FHM TechKnow: 7 Tips To Make Your Smartphone Look New Longer

Because your phone is an investment, and it should always look like it did the day you bought it.
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 23, 2015
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Any geek will tell you that the sight of a newly-unboxed smartphone is worth cherishing. It's akin to a dad seeing his newborn baby for the first time. Okay, maybe not. But you get the drift.

The problem is, your gadget's brand-spankin'-new and still-shiny facade will fade as fast as your attention span, and what many of us fail to realize is it's not its faultour careless ways are frequently to blame. But, since we're the culprit, we can do something about this dilemma!

In this edition of FHM TechKnow, we help you make your precious smartphone look newer longer. All you have to do is...


Make your phone look newer longer

Most of today's smartphones come with a super thin sticky plastic covering the display. While removing it is a joy similar to popping bubble wrap, we recommend resisting the urge because it's there for a very important reason: protect the screen from unsightly cuts and scratches it'll encounter with real-world use.

Pro tip: When we say resist, we mean completely ditching the absolutely-enticing idea of slowly peeling it off. Removing it a bit then sticking it back again? Chances are the sticky surface now has dust or fingerprint smudges that will ruin the look. Also, air bubbles will appear which further reduces your phone's pogi points.


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Thanks to the "thin is in" movement in tech, new smartphones are now easier to stick inside one's jeans pocket, thereby increasing the chances of it being stuffed together with a bunch of other things. It's cool if we're talking about cotton balls, hankies, and other softies. But what if it's your lighter, a Swiss army knife, or ball pen? Your leg's movement coupled with these things' hard and sharp edges can result to scratches that can make your eyes swell faster than when watching your favorite artista get hitched.

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Pro tip: If you really have to use your pocket for carrying loads of different things (e.g. you can't find your man bag), cover your smartphone with a piece of cloth. If you're short on fabric, a piece of paper will do.


...because muning's sharp claws are waiting!

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Kidding aside, the previous tip's logic also applies when you place your smartphone inside your bag: Don't place it inside a compartment together with other sharp objects. How do you know if something shouldn't be together with your phone? If it can cut you, it can probably damage your handset as well. Just put it in a different section of your bag, away from things that could scratch it and it'll be fine.

Pro tip: It's better to secure the phone inside the bag because, even if it's not with sharp items, the constant banging and moving around inside can result to scratches, especially if you're in a place not known for comfy couches and carpeted floors.


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In case you forgot, your smartphone comes with a whole shebang of metallic parts inside and out. So yeah, keep it away from waterrust ruins a phone's look, no matter how shiny the rest of its facade is.

Pro tip: Be careful with where you place your phone; just a little bit of water on that seemingly dry surface could result to unsightly kalawang. Use a piece of tissue and wipe the area to make sure it's water-free.


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Dust particles do more than make you sneeze; it also slowly damages your phone's casing and display. Dust is abrasive and, with constant exposure to it, your handset's shell will lose its luster and accumulate small scratches that, when put together, make the device look older than it really is.

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Pro tip: Remove dust from the phone's surface by blowing it off or via a can of compressed air (usually available in gadget shops). Wiping with a piece of cloth forces the dust particles to rub against your phone, which is what we're trying to avoid in the first place.


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Aside from the usual #DrunkText fails, using your phone while drinking could damage its appearance as well. Alcohol can really eff up your phone's paint job, making it fade fast if you don't remove it ASAP. It will wreak real havoc when it gets inside the device. Lastly, wet hands coupled with a compromised sense of balance can lead to earth-shattering drops that your wallet will regret. So, if the booze's overflowin', keep it in (your pocket).

Pro tip: Medicinal alcohol cleans wounds, but you shouldn't use it to clean your handset. It only takes a few drops to damage your phone's shiny coating forever. If you're in dire need for a bit of liquid to clean the device, stick with water (but only use a very small amount, and don't forget to wipe your phone dry after!).


Make your phone look newer longer
If you want to keep your phone in pristine condition longer, having it inside a protective case is the best way to go. Depending on the model, it protects your precious from bumps, drops, scratches, and even water (if you go with something that has waterproofing). Sure, you'll be spending a few hundred to a few thousand bucks but, if you're one who truly values his/her handset, it's well worth it.

Pro tip: Detach your phone from its protective case every once in a while to remove dust that have accumulated inside. Again: Unremoved dust particles rub against the edges of your handset, slowly damaging it in time.

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