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How To Save Mobile Data (And Money) By Using FB Messenger Lite

It's honestly a more practical version of the popular app
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 17, 2017
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Facebook has recently released a new tool to help netizens use Facebook Messenger while consuming less data.

The Messenger Lite is a stripped down version of the Facebook Messenger app. It was already available in countries with slow internet connections beforehand (including the Philippines), but it was just earlier this month that the app was rolled out worldwide.


If you use Facebook Messenger for mere chatting, then it’s better for you to use Messenger Lite instead. Here are some reasons why:

It runs faster even with slow or unstable internet connections. The normal Messenger app (and its features) do not work properly unless you have a decent internet connection. Lite, on the other hand, works fine even when you’re on mobile data and signal is erratic. This is beneficial, especially if you’re traveling to a place where cellular signal is fickle.

It saves you money if you’re on mobile data. Since Lite has limited features (the app has no Messenger Day, selfie lenses, secret conversations, video calls, games, and more), you won’t be charged unknowingly when you open the app. Say goodbye to megabyte-using features that tend to use up your data quickly!

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It takes up less space on your phone. Lite takes up less than 10 MB space on your phone, while the normal Messenger app takes up over 50 MB space. Imagine all the other apps that you could download with that extra space!

It saves battery. Aside from using less mobile data, Lite also uses less battery power since, again, it has no other battery-consuming features. It’s a straightforward messenger.  

You can still send text, emojis, and photos. Lite also supports the use of emojis and photos, so you can still share awesome visual memories with your loved ones anytime and anywhere. You can also still send stickers, only minus the animation capabilities.

You can still make free calls over WiFi. Just because it doesn’t support video calls doesn’t mean it can’t make calls. You can still make free calls using the app when you’re connected to WiFi.

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The app is only available for Android users as of the moment. You can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

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