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TechKnow: 6 Tips For Speeding Up Your Slow Browser

Suffering from frustratingly slow Internet speed? It could be your browser—and you can do something about it!
by Vince Sales | Jan 21, 2015
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Are your Internet browsing sessions frustratingly slow? Internet feeling sluggish? Point those Facebook rants towards the slow Internet in the Philippines. It’s a crime! It’s the government’s fault! #Welga

But wait! Sometimes, it’s not the fault of our country having the slowest Internet speeds in Southeast Asia. Sometimes, it’s the fault of your browserand you can do something about it. Because we know how usad-pagong Internet speeds can make us punch someone in the face, allow us to educate you on how you can speed up your browser.

You're welcome!


speed up your browser

Duh. This is something of a no-brainer. The tricky part is finding out which browser is the fastest because everyone claims to be the most high tech speed demon of the day. Here’s a sort of cheat sheet based on our own research and loads of porn-surfing online experience (we recommend you do some testing yourself based on real-world use):

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  • On iOS devices, use Safari
  • On Android, use Firefox
  • On Windows and Mac OS, use Chrome

Internet Explorer? It actually isn’t so bad when it comes to speed (who knew?), but if you ask us, go with Firefox or Chrome on an Apple- or Microsoft-powered rig because of additional benefits like better security.

Opera is also a safe bet for most operating systems if you’re looking for a fast browser that's also lean, meaning it won't bog your computer down because of its size and/or add-ons.


For the non-geeks, your browser's cache is a repository of stored data files important for the loading of websites. It helps your PC "remember" essential stuff about websites so that it doesn't have to re-compute or fetch those files from the original location again, which takes time.

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That being said, your browser's cache has a storage limit, and increasing it will help speed up your online sesh, especially if the limit has been reached. To do so, head on over to your browser’s settings and look for the item that lets you set your offline storage/cache limit. Double it or something. Make it a big number. This will help you if you like abusing your Back button so that the browser won’t download the entire page all over again.

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Click here for more deets on how to access and clear your browser's cache


speed up your browser

All those unnecessary bells and whistles on your browser just slow things down. Kill them. For starters, remove those pesky toolbars. Next, remove those extensions and add-ons that you don’t really need. They’re just consuming RAM for no good reason.


No, this item doesn’t involve showing granny porn to Barry Allen, AKA Flash. We’re talking about Adobe Flash, that thing that makes your web pages spin and dance and go swoosh! It is often the culprit in making your web experience a dismal one because of its tendency to hog your computer’s resources.

speed up your browserGIF via Amethystdaydreams

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Steve Jobs famously declared war on Adobe Flash and dropped support for it on the iPhone. Unfortunately, doing the same on your browser will mean that you won’t be able to fully enjoy sites that use Flash (like YouTube), and much of the Internet runs it.

Still, if you feel the need for (additional) speed, you might want to give Flash the axe. Firefox users have it easiest: just install the Flashblock extension and you're good to go. For the rest, press CLTR+ALT+DEL and kill off Flash on the processes list.


speed up your browserImage via

Every now and then it’s a good idea to clear your History and Browsing Data. Think of the deed as a colonic. It will help everything, uhm, flow better since the more useless junk your browser (and computer, in general) carries, the slower it gets in bringing you to the sites you want to visit. Don’t do it all the time though, as generally your cache and browsing data help you surf faster. Just do it when you need to (like if you haven't in years). So yeah, just like a colonic.

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Okay, it’s hard to say this, but we have to do it. Maybe the reason for slow browsing is you. You don’t need fifty tabs open all at the same time. Having tons of open tabs put a strain on your computer's resources and makes your browser sweat like a fat man on a treadmill.

Try closing some tabs every now and then (especially the Flash-heavy ones), okay? Bookmark the tab if you really need it. Go on, just try it and you'll experience a welcome speed bump!

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