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TechKnow: 9 Simple Ways You Can Speed Up Your Kakarag-Karag PC

Keep your cash, bros! Here we tell you the ways you can speed up your PC without <em>manong </em>technician's help!
by Vince Sales and Neps Firmalan | Sep 12, 2014
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Does your PC always channel its inner sloth? Do you feel like using it is akin to walking underwater in brick-filled boots? Does doing even the simplest of virtual chores make you want to brew a cup of coffee just so you won't waste all that time waiting.

Or, worse, this:

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It happens to every computer eventually, and often sooner than you expect. But don't fret! You might think whipping out your wallet is the only recourse, but in reality there are ways you can squeeze some extra speed out of your PC, and several of 'em won't force you to call on manong technician.

Because nobody wants a kakarag-karag PC, we list down below the simple tips you can follow to boost your rig's speed and overall performance. You're welcome!


You know that antivirus software you're always so vigilant about running? You don't need it.

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Okay, you do. But if you really want to let go and just focus on speeding things up, this step can help you big time. You see, as noble as its intentions might be, antivirus software is what you call a resource hog. It can bog down your PC, especially if your hardware is from 19-kopong-kopong. Ditch it and your computer will have so much less to do and perform with an extra spring in its step (unless you get a virus, more on this later).

We can't stress this enough though: DO THIS ONLY IF YOU'RE CONFIDENT YOU WON'T GET MALWARE (e.g. if you don't connect to the Internet or plug external storage devices). LISTEN TO THE CAPS LOCK!

Don't ever: Have two antivirus programs. This is the computer equivalent of wearing two condoms (the thick ones).


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Sick of updates? Just do it. Don't ask questions. Update your OS. Update your apps. Update your Flash player. Update Java. Update. Every. Freaking. Thing.

The reason for this is that as the software version number gets bigger, those adorable geeks who make your software manage to make it less buggy, faster, and better optimized. In plain English, everything just works better.

Geek tip: Set your rig's update notifications on auto so that hindi ka mangangapa on what needs to be updated. Go to the Start Menu and hit Control Panel to get started.

NEXT: Use the almighty kill switch!

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