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How To Stop Video Auto-Play On Facebook And Other Websites

Sayonara, annoying vids!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 9, 2017
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Probably one of the most annoying things on the internet these days is the auto-playing videos on websites and social media. It might be useful for some, but for others, it’s really an annoyance. It’s especially irritating when you’re just on mobile data, as the constant auto-playing consumes bandwidth and even drains your battery. Hassle, right?

In case you don’t know, you have the choice to turn that auto-play feature off. How? Check it out below.

1) On Facebook

Go to, click the arrow on the upper right corner, click “Settings,” then click “Videos” and disable the option “Auto-Play Videos.”

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2) On Instagram

On mobile, go to your profile, select the three-dot icon on the top right, click “Cellular Data Use,” and choose “Use Less Data.”


3) On YouTube

On the upper right part of the screen near “Up next” you'll see a slider. If it's blue and has a check mark, that means auto-play is on. Slide it to the left to turn it off.

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4) On other websites

Most videos on various websites run on the HTML5 Player or the Flash Player. If you want to stop videos from playing automatically in Google Chrome, you will have to change the browser configuration settings. Here’s a step-by-step guide how:

1) On your Chrome browser, go to “Settings,” and scroll down and click on “Advanced.”
2) Under the “Privacy” section, click  “Content Settings.”
3) Open “Content Settings” and search for “Flash”
4) Choose “Ask first before allowing sites to run Flash” from the options available.
5) Save the settings and that’s it!

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