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How To Tell When Public WiFi is Good

It's more than just testing the speed.
February 22, 2018
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Wi-Fi might be the best service any public space can invest in, and giving free access to the 'net is a democracy most people want to be a part of. However, you can never be too careful—not all public Wi-Fi connections are created equal. Here's how to spot a winner: 

Trusted connection

Public Wi-Fi is the playground of hackers and other nefarious netizens. Some public networks, even the ones that have a firewall, are prone to criminals. The best way to safely get on a public connection is to make sure that the connection is really provided by the building or the establishment and then verifying that by approaching someone. You can also trust a connection if the network provider is known and reputable, and made available by a popular establishment—say, for example, a popular restaurant, coffee shop, or any other retail brand.

Available in numerous locations 

You might have noticed that some networks are available in more places than others. This is a good sign—it indicates that the network has the budget and infrastructure to operate in multiple locations. It also means that you have more access points! 

No pop-up ads 

Most people despise pop-up ads—they always get in the way of what you're doing. You know a public Wi-Fi network is good when you don't encounter them every time you visit a page. 

No password 

We know what you're thinking: hackers use this lure to trick people into logging into fake networks. That's true, so never let your guard down. But once you've verified that a network is safe and password-free, then you get a connection that's free and convenient to use.

There's a reason why people are enticed by public Wi-Fi connections—no one ever wants to miss out on any online fun. Make sure that the network you connect to is a trusted one, like GoWiFi: a secure, reliable, password-free connection that is available in over 1,000 locations.

Watch this amusing video about how accessing public WiFi is always a chore. To see the list of establishments that offer GoWiFi, click here. You can also check out their FAQs to learn more.