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Dec 2, 2013
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The man cave: a guy's HQ, his fortress of solitude and, for the babaeros, where a lot of the magic happens.

In this day and age, the man cave can also be a place where the Internet and your gadgets converge in one hi-tech dance (minus those frustrating wires and cables) with you as the choreographer.

wireless man caveYeah, something like this...

Does that read like a scene straight out of a sci-fi flick? Maybe, but we'll tell you this: It's doable!

Below we teach you how to turn your condo, apartment, pad, or room into more than just a love shack. Prepare to own a wireless haven geeks will love to hang out in!

Grab a fast wireless connection

wireless man cave

Your wireless man cave will suck if it doesn't have a fast Internet connection. And because we're no cheaters, we won't go with wired broadband either. Don't worry, you've got nice alternatives like 3G, Wimax (a type of souped up wireless broadband service that could reach speeds of up to 30 to 40Mbps), and, if you're wallet's up for it, 4G for going wireless.

The only problem here is the signal, so we recommend you check in with your chosen internet service provider first to ask if your area's covered. But if you live within Metro Manila, you'll have 3G access at the very least.

Pro tip: If you want to go really fast, Wimax and 4G LTE are the ones for you—they're 10 times faster than your neighbor's kakarag-karag 1Mbps connection. Both Globe and Smart now offer both, so rest assured this isn't just wishful thinking.

Product price range: For Wimax, Smart and Globe plans start at P999 a month. For LTE plans, Smart postpaid offers start at P1,299 while Globe's cheapest is at P1,099.

Router power!


Often unheralded, the router is that wonder device that blasts out all that online goodness for your gadgets to enjoy. If you're going to make a wireless haven out of your crib, it'll be a logical move to get one. Feed your Internet connection through it and let the wireless party begin! Also, password protect your connection if you want it to be exclusive for you and your homies.

Pro tip: Conventional home routers support two to more than a dozen devices easily, although your bandwidth (the amount of data that can be transferred at any one time, usually measured in Mbps) will suffer the more devices you connect. To help remedy this, prioritize the gadgets that need to be connected (i.e. your laptop when you're doing an important online transaction), or go with a service with a wider bandwidth, such as 4G LTE.


Product price range: P1,100 to P4,000

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