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TechKnow: How To Unleash Your Smartphone's True Power

So you spent a couple thousand bucks on your smartphone...and you just use it for selfies and sending cheesy text messages! <em>FHM</em> teaches you how to harness&nbsp;your mobile's true potential!
by Vince Sales | Oct 5, 2014
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That smartphone in your pocket? It's capable of much more than taking selfies, and sending the occasional SMS!

Yes, you've got that right. In your skinny jeans, you have more computing power than what NASA used when they first send men to the moon. In fact, with a powerful processor, a host of sensors, two cameras, all sorts of connectivity, and literally millions of apps, your smartphone is capable of some super stuff.

If you thought Flappy Bird and 3D games are cool, you haven't seen anything yet, bud. So allow us to show you the ways you can harness and bring out your smartphone's true potential!


First things first: Get the best data plan you can afford. You won't be doing much with your smartphone if you can't connect to anything. Get an unlimited data plan if you can. If you have a phone with super-fast LTE capabilities and a decent LTE signal nearby, you'll be connecting to the Internet faster than most wired connections. On a good day. If you're lucky. It all depends. Sorry…

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You get the idea anyway. If you have no data connection, your phone is practically crippled (plus you won't be able to do several other stuff on this list). But with a decent data plan, you'll be coasting down the information superhighway, like Batman cruising in his Batmobile.


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It's all about the apps. You can mess around with Candy Crush for, like, forever, but when you're ready to get serious, get some professional apps. Photographers can use Photoshop Express to edit their photos. Illustrators can create art using Sketchbook Pro. Doctors can download medical eBooks. The list goes on and on–after all, there are millions of apps out there. You can expect to pay more for these apps than say, Angry Birds, but many of them do a fairly good job of making your digital life a bit easier.

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Apps are only the beginning. Like placing Stephen Hawking's brain in a robot, you can augment your phone to become anything you fancy. Interested in music? Attach a guitar (through Guitar Rig), a keyboard, a microphone, or all of the above. If listening is more your thing, output your tunes to some decent AirPlay speakers (our personal fave: the B&W Zeppelin Air).

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Runner? Strap a Fitbit to your wrist. Artist? Buy a digital pen for more control over your paintings and sketches. Excel jockey? Connect to a wireless keyboard. New father? You can turn your phone into a baby monitor with (via Smart Baby Monitor) or a talking stuffed toy (via Wise-Pet). You can even create articulated toys with an app called Modio, and then print your creations with a 3D printer. Awesomesauce, ain't it?

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