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HUAWEI HONOR: A Day in a Life of a Battery

An Andriod Energizer Bunny
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 19, 2012
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For all the geegaws and doowhizzles of the smartphone generation, there's one thing that we sorely miss: power cord independence. The days of going for a week on your Nokia brick without needing to charge seem so long ago our memories are already tinged with Instagram-like nostalgia. That's the price for WiFi, 3G, HD cameras, and screens so crisp they fairly crackle to the touch: you'll need to hook up your phone to the outlet, regular as clockwork, before going to sleep.

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So in saunters the Huawei Honor 8860 which, thanks to its extra thick battery, boasts a terrifically long battery life. Just how terrific? We decided to put it to the test. With a fully-juiced power pack and normal, everyday usage of all the basic smartphone-y stuff, how long will the Huawei last before it breathes its last?


We decided to outfit the test unit with our usual load-out: a minimalist Go Launcher set-up with a minimum of widgets (SiMi Clock Widget, Business Calendar Free, SpeakToIt Assistant, Audiogalaxy, and Cubed music player), Go Keyboard with English, Tagalog, and Japanese installed, and Go SMS Pro. PhotoWall Live Wallpaper running in the background completed the aesthetics.

For social networking, we used the default Facebook and Google+ apps. No Twitter, though. For work: Virtual Recorder, ColorNote, plus Japanese dictio adds JED and Obenkyo. For Play: Angry Birds Space, naturally, plus, since we also are suckers for tower defense games, Empire Defense II. Cam apps: just PicPlz and Retro Camera.

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Since Ice Cream Sandwich wasn't yet available for download through the phone's menu, we decided to stick with the stock Gingerbread setup. With SiMi Clock Widget keeping track of my battery level, the handset was charged up to full, ready for our test.

Time: 7:27am
Date: 9 July
Charge: 100%

Ever experienced that feeling when you know you have to go work, and if you don't get your butt moving, you'd be late, but you insist on staying in bed, not asleep, but checking your Facebook feed? Well, yeah, we had that. A couple of Facebook links later, and we’re watching the trailer for the new Samurai X movie coming out in Japan.

Nifty. Leave the house and the batt is still holding steady at a hundred percent.

Time: 11:24am
Date: 9 July
Charge: 96%

Since riding the jeep and getting to work, the music player on the phone hasn’t been turned off. The Huawei Honor has a battery-saving quirk of immediately dimming within a few seconds of unlocking your phone screen. After a quick lunch, we swung by UP Diliman. Time to test the camera!

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Time: 2:20pm
Date: 9 July
Charge: 84%

The UP trip went well even though there's really not much to take a picture of other than plants. And what plants they are! It's a veritable forest just waiting to be captured in 8 megapixel, autofocused glory (and sometimes in Retro Camera effect). A half-hour of photos and short videos we decided to head back to the office. On a related note, the stock power saving settings made the screen visibility a tad too dark, especially when viewed outdoors.

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