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HOT GADGET ALERT: This Wearable Device Is Your Hi-Tech Way To Chat And Get Fit!

Care for a watch that can tell you if you've overslept, take calls, and help you get rid of your dad bod?
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 9, 2015
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Wearable devicesthose gizmos that make you feel a bit like a hybrid robo-human beingare increasingly becoming more popular these days. The thing is, these techie thingamajigs go deeper than the usual Terminator and Inspector Gadget references they invite: They're actually very, very useful!

Case in point: Huawei's newest wearable device, the TalkBand B2. Not only will it make you feel like a sci-fi villain hero, it will also make life easier for you when it comes to communication and fitness.

Check it out:

Armed with Bluetooth connectivity, a dual-mic feature, and a detachable earpiece, you can hook it up wirelessly to your phone so you can go hands-free when taking a call. It also comes with a rectangular touchscreen that lets you view loads of informationfrom who's trying to give you a holler to whether or not you're already late for your date.

We did say wearables like the TalkBand B2 can also be used for fitness, right? This bad boy monitors various health-related stuff like the number of steps you've taken, the amount of time you've spent on a bike, the duration of your sleep, and even the calories you've burned on your way to shedding that dad bod. Huawei also says it automatically detects the particular activity you're doing (e.g. walking, running, hiking, cycling) for added information accuracy.

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huawei talkband b2

And oh, it's also dust-proof and water-resistant so you won't have to worry about it conking out while, say, you're running down a dusty trail while it's raining.

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