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Dec 23, 2013
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We've been blabbing about what gadgets we want for Christmas: a new laptop, that sleek quad-core smartphone, an awesome new SLR. We're so into it that we have this annual tradition of making an ultimate gift guide composed of all the tech toys we want.

And then it hit us: What if we do a bit of role-reversal and ask our gadgets what they want, what will they say?

Our overactive imaginations try to answer this by coming up with a list of wishes we expect to hear from our dear gadgets if, by some awesome phenomenon, they were suddenly able to think and talk. Check it out below!

1. FROM YOUR ROUTER: "I wish to increase my influence!"

what your gadgets want

Be Santa: Get your router a Wi-Fi repeater! It's a small device that boosts your router's range by feeding off its signal and extending it farther, perfect for those with large cribs.

Don't be a scrooge:
Available in gadget shops for around P1,500 to P2,000.

2. FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE: "I wish to be stronger!"

what your gadgets want

Be Santa: Buy your smartphone a durable case, like the ones sold by Otterbox. Aside from protecting against the bumps and grinds of daily use, it can also protect your handset from quick dips in the pool!

Don't be a scrooge:
SRPs depend on the brand, but Otterbox cases sell for P2,500 to P4,000.

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