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IFA 2013: A Festival of Next-Gen Gadgets We Want To Take Home

The future looks bright...and shiny
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 13, 2013
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Two of the most hebigat tech events went down this week, fellas! First, we had the official launch of the iPhone 5C and 5S, which made such a big buzz in the smartphone arena. The other is the annual IFA Gadget Expo in Berlin where a ton of new, drool-worthy tech toysfrom gargantuan 4K TVs to anorexic notebooks; basically the whole shebangmade an appearance, much to the delight of geeks everywhere.

We've already babbled much about the new iPhones (click here to know how Apple's latest wonder handset stacks up to the competition) so it's IFA's turn to get some love from us. We list down eight of the hottest tech items from the expo, all of which give us a glimpse at the future. Check out these next-gen babies below.

1. The one with the next-gen zen look

The latest gem in ASUS' ultrabook line, the Zenbook UX301, possesses the physical traits its kin is best known for: a sleek metallic facade, supermodel-thin profile, and a light frame. In short, it's a beaut outside. How about its insides? It's a beast, coming with super hardware, which includes the latest Intel Haswell i7 processor, 8 freakin' gigs of RAM, and a 512GB solid-state memory (which is a lot faster than conventional hard drives).

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It's also coated in Gorilla Glass 2, giving it condom-like protection against bumps and scratches (although we still think it won't be spared from fingerprint smudges).

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