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WATCH: How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Connectivity Without Spending Cash

Struggling with a shitty wireless Internet connection? Don't switch service providers just yet! The solution could be easier and much simpler than you think.
by neps and Neps Firmalan | Oct 26, 2015
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Having slow as heck wireless Internet speeds every single day? Don't switch service providers or burn cash on expensive new hardware just yet, bros! The solution could be easier and much simpler than you think.

The problem could be your Wi-Fi signal, not the network itself. And, if that's the case, you can do something about it.

General interest and news site Vox created the video below which shows us how we can improve Wi-Fi connectivity easily without spending a single peso. Given our country's sucky online infrastructure, the clip's could be a godsend.


The video actually echoes some of the tweaks we said in a previous feature (you can check it out for a more detailed explanation on boosting Wi-Fi signal).

Go on, try these tips. Who knows? A simple change of router location or antenna positioning might be all you need to push your sluggish Internet to more bearable speeds.

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