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Independence Day 2013: 9 Gadgets That Gave You Freedom

These freed us from tech's restrictions...
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 11, 2013
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Maligayang kalayaan, guys and gals!

Tomorrow marks the 115th anniversary of our independence and, just like previous years, we'll be taking a day off to commemorate the high-five worthy achievements of our national heroes back in the day. After all, we wouldn't be able to enjoy even the simplest of things, like reading this little feature, now without them, right?

In other words, we owe those dudes and dudettes.

The same goes in the land of tech, where there have been few iconic and revolutionary gadgets that have freed us from certain restrictions and made everyday life a little bit bearable. We like to call this lot the Freedom Gadgets, and you can check them all out below.


The colored TV

iconic freedom gadgets color tv independence day 2013We're digging the old school vibe

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Freed us from:
The dreary black-and-white viewing experience of the yesteryears

The color TV also helped define living room entertainment as we know it today, and has evolved non-stop to produce next-gen drool-worthy devices, like smart Internet TVs and 4K ultra-definition boob tubes.

Don't 'yah know? The first commercial color TV program was broadcasted by CBS in 1951.


Sony Walkman

iconic freedom gadgets walkman independence day 2013Looks like it can do some serious damage when you throw it

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Freed us from:
Bringing a ginormous boombox just so we could enjoy our fave tunes on the go

While it's true that there are many other PMPs (personal media players) from other brands (hello, iPod!), the Walkman remains to be the most iconic of its kind due to its history and longevity.

Don't 'yah know? The first portable stereo aka Walkman weighed close to a pound.


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