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Epic Time-Waster: This Site Lets You Play Old School Arcade Games On Your Browser!

Warning: Internet Arcade will consume whatever's left of your social life!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 9, 2014
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We're suckers for nostalgia trips. So when we heard about this site that lets you play old school arcade games, we were like, "Weh, di nga? Pasubok!"

The service is called Internet Arcade. It was created by a group called The Internet Archive, a non-profit organization founded in 1996 that aims to educate the world about the glorious past through the power of the Internet. Using online emulators (software that converts games so that they'll be playable on different platforms), Internet Arcade allows you to play arcade games from the '80s and '90s on your browser using your keyboard and mouse.

We checked it out and have confirmed that the thing's legit! Not only that; it also offers a shitload of arcade games that '80s and '90s kids went gaga over. The exact number: 903! Awesomesauce!

Here's a screenshot of a tiny part of the huge game-tastic catalog:

internet arcade

And here's a rather accurate depiction of our reaction the moment we saw Internet Arcade:

internet arcadeGIF via

We then played a round of Joust, a popular game on the Family Computer.

internet arcade

We sucked big time but we'll charge that to the fact that we were still too young to read FHM when we last played it. #Excuses

We also tried another game called Space Odyssey, which made us realize that it's best to have a gamepad or an external mouse ready rather than fidget on your laptop's keys. The keyboard works great for most games but there are those that are played better with a mouse (e.g. shooting games). And the trackpad just won't cut it, bro.

internet arcade

What's great about Internet Arcade is that it also gives you a brief history lesson about the game as well as a summary of the gameplay in case you're an arcade virgin or getting ulyanin.

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On behalf of all batang '80s and '90s, we'd like to give our sincerest thanks to the men and women of The Internet Archive. You guys are the bestest!

If you still think we're pulling your leg, click here to try it out for loads of old school entertainment. But first, a warning: It will consume whatever's left of your social life. However, it's fun, fun, fun!

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