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Apple's Latest iOS11 Software Update Isn't Really All That Bad

And you'll find these 7 nifty secret features useful in the long run
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 26, 2017
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And so it begins...

People are now complaining aboutIt  how Apple's latest operating system has been sucking batteries dry and slowing down applications. The iOS 11 was even initially thought to be the cause send Facebook Messenger crashing.

The software update isn't all bad, though. On the flip side, it carries a handful of nifty features that could prove useful once the issues are resolved.

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Edit notes without unlocking

Create new and open last Notes from the lock screen (Settings>Notes>Access from Lock Screen) after adding the app in the customizable 'Control Center.' It can also serve as a document scanner using the phone's camera.

Record video of screen

'Screen Recording' (green button) can be found by going into Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls. This even allows the user to narrate the video (Microphone Video On). On top of that, clearer video call screenshots via the 'Live Photo' extension.

No need to rate apps

Turn off the annoying 'In-App Ratings & Reviews' pop-ups through Settings>iTunes & App Store.

Manage storage with recommendations

Save some much-needed space with built-in suggestions: 'Offload Unused Apps,' 'Auto Delete Old Conversations,' and 'Review Large Attachments'. These options can be adjusted to the consumer's liking and will indicate the amount of storage likely to be cleared.


Fancy effects for iMessage

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A couple of animations will make messaging more interesting— 'Echo' and 'Spotlight.' The first multiplies the original message and fills the thread, while the next does exactly what its name implies and highlights a particular section of the exchange.

Create PDFs from webpages

Convert a Safari article into the shareable file format, plus the personal annotations. Another way is to enable 'Automatically Save Offline' in the settings menu to access online items from the 'Reading List' while disconnected.

Signal for help ASAP

The 'Emergency SOS' add-on, which automatically contacts the user's local emergency services, can be activated by pressing the power button five times.


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