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The iPhone 5S Vs. Android Superphones

Competition is fierce for Apple's latest and Greatest
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 11, 2013
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And just like that, biglang naluma ang iPhone 5!

After about a year of waiting, Apple has finally and officially launched the brand-spankin' new iPhone 5S. The company's latest smartphone gem is undoubtedly an upgrade over the iPhone 5. But it's not the only star of the show, for Apple also released another handset. Called the iPhone 5C, it's bound to make many iPhone-lovin' geeks happy becauseget thisit's more affordable! Ayus! Check it out below.

iPhone 5C

iphone 5c pricing specs
The 5C is Apple's answer to your cries of "ang mahal naman ng iPhone!" It's also a first of sortsits release marks the first time Apple launched more than one smartphone.

Impressive innards


But don't let the cheaper tag fool you though, the iPhone 5C still looks good on the inside. In fact, it has an almost identical hardware to the iPhone 5. That means it also has a 1.3GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM for your mobile needs, as well as a 4-inch Retina Display, up to 32GB capacity, and 4G LTE for blazing-fast Internet speeds. An 8-megapixel camera which can shoot in HD is also part of the deal. Not too shabby now, no?

The iPhone a plastic shell

iphone 5c pricing specs

In terms of looks, the iPhone 5 and 5C are pinagbiyak na bunga, using almost the same facade and unibody construction (where you can't remove the back cover). Their main difference lies in the materials used in the exterior. As opposed to the iPhone 5 that lies within a mostly glass and metal shell, the iPhone 5C's exterior is made with colored plastic. Yep, colored plastic, and it comes in five colors (blue, white, red, yellow, and green). It's also a tad thicker and heavier (132g), but not enough to give get a good pump for your arm. The 5C and 5S also come with Apple's new iOS 7 platform which offers a few user-interface tweaks and better overall operation.

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