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#Finally: All You Need To Know About The iPhone 6 And The iPhone 6 Plus!

After all the tech tsismis, the newest iPhone is now official—and it's not alone!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 10, 2014
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And so, after countless tech tsismis, it can now be said: The iPhone 6 is now official!

But, just like last year, not one but two new handsets were unveiled. In Apple's big event, which happened earlier this morning (around 1 a.m. Manila time), the iPhone 6 was accompanied by its bigger bro, the iPhone 6 Plus. "Plus" for plus size? Puwede!

Video via Apple

But enough talk, meet below the two new participants of the heated smartphone wars!

Apple iPhone 6

iphone 6Image via

The spiritual successor to the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 is larger than any of its predecessors (hey, we got that one right!). With a 4.7-inch display size, it offers squint-free viewing at an impressive resolution of 1334x750, which Apple dubs Retina HD. Retina what? Basically, that's a resolution higher than 720p HD that makes individual pixels look almost invisible to the naked eye.

On the inside, the iPhone 6 also had a few major improvements. For starters, it comes with a new A8 processor that reportedly offers a 25-percent improvement in CPU performance and as much as a 50-percent boost in graphics processing power over the older A7 chip found on the iPhone 5S. With that, expect the iPhone 6 to be faster both in running mobile software and rendering visuals for your apps, games, and whatnot.

Video via Apple

Another biggie: Apple also decided to include a 128GB iPhone 6 into the mix, offering twice the capacity of the max storage option for the iPhone 5S (64GB). iOS 8 is also packaged with the device (check out the new features of the operating system here), which makes it even more impressive. Sweet!

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