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Aug 13, 2014
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Did you hear that, fellas? That's the sound of the iPhone rumor mill rumbling in full swing!

The next iPhone is expected to come out very soon, probably even next month. That means the whole tech world is getting really, really curious about what it will be like. It's like the techie version of our anticipation for the official Gilas Pilipinas line-up for the FIBA Worlds in Spain.

And when excitement hits the air, expect overactive geeky minds to go on overdrive. We're talking about one of the most iconic phones ever, after all. The result: the annual serving of rumors and concepts that hype up the next version of Apple's latest and greatest handset. We've already told you about the buzz that actually make sense, so this time around we'll focus on the BS ones.

Pinoy iPhone freaks, here are five awesome iPhone 6 concepts that are too damn good to be true. Think of this as a representation of how we want the perfect handset to be!


A holographic iPhone? That's the shiznit!

Take a look:

Video via SET Solution on YouTube

Now, it takes swiping and gesture commands to a whole new level! It's so damn pretty we bet even Android fans will agree this feature is da best! Here's another video because one ain't enough:

Video via SET Solution on YouTube


One of the most enduring Apple rumors ever, the edge-to-edge iPhone has a screen with almost no border. It looks really cool, but we bet our sweaty balls it will remain a figment of the iPhone lover's imagination. Why? Because Apple has a penchant for sticking to their proven designs.

Video via ConceptsiPhone on YouTube

However, if this one becomes a reality (Bye, balls!), expect fanboys to proclaim it as the pogi-est techie creation of all time, and they' won't be too far off!


Gadgets with curved screens are real. Take a look at this boob tube from Samsung. But a curved iPhone? That's unheard of!

Video via ConceptsiPhone on YouTube

We don't know about you, but the curved look works for us. Let's just hope it won't create a big bulge in our pants because we have one already.

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