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6 iPhone 6 Rumors That Make Sense

Like a tummy suffering from LBM, the iPhone 6 rumor mill is rumbling again! Here we list down six<em> tsismis</em> about the next version of Apple's handset!
by Neps Firmalan | May 27, 2014
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The iPhone stands as one of the most iconic gadgets in history. Like our very own FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party, its yearly release commands great attention.

top iphone 6 rumorsApple fans upon seeing the iPhone with the features they drool for

 And with such hatak power comes the yearly edition of rumors that precede every new iPhone launch. Blame it on atat geeks and Apple fanboys who proclaim it’s the best smartphone evah can't play the waiting game.

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This year ain’t different.

With 2014 almost hitting the mid-year mark, we’re again hearing the rumor mill rumble like an LBM-infected tummy with iPhone-related bits. We took the liberty of rounding up six of the best ones (read: the rumors that make sense) so far simply because, like many of you techies out there, we’re also eager beavers when it comes to anticipating how the iPhone 6 (or whatever the heck it will be called) will be like.


What the rumor says: The next iPhone will have a larger touchscreen than the 4-inch display slapped on the iPhone 5S. The rumored size ranges from 4.7 inches to a gargantuan 5.5 inches.

Why it makes sense: Hey, they did it with the iPhone 5 (its predecessor, the iPhone 4S had a smaller 3.5-inch display)! And 4 inches isn’t exactly what you call large, especially with the smartphone wars dominated by 5-inch and bigger giants (the Samsung Galaxy Mega says hello).

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Plus, it seems that Apple has already hinted about going with a bigger screen, recently labeling an internal presentation slide that pertains to larger screens as “Consumers want what we don’t have.” Intriguing!


top iphone 6 rumorsAng witty mo, ser!

What the rumor says: The next iPhone will have a higher display resolution than the iPhone 5S’ 640x1136 pixel count. No confirmed figures yet, although one report suggests a high 1706x960 resolution.

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