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Will The iPhone 7 Be Waterproof And Made From New Materials?

Are we a step closer to using an iPhone in the shower? Fresh rumors say that is a possibility...
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 26, 2016
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We're most probably still over half a year away from the release of the iPhone 7 or whatever the heck it will be called (Apple normally unveiles a new version of its handset in September). That hasn't stopped the rumor mill from buzzing crazy with iPhone-related tidbits though, thanks to the device's insane popularity.

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And one of the most recent coming through the tech grapevine made us ask, "Will the next iPhone really be waterproof and made of different materials?"

You see, tech site DigiTimes (which has enjoyed a bit of success in iPhone-predicting in the past), has cited a source which says the next iteration of Apple's famed handset will be created using new materials.

So far, Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook and Co. have used aluminum, glass, and plastic. These components would probably still be used. However, if the rumor holds true, we could be seeing an iPhone blessed with, say, a kind of extremely lightweight alloy not used in previous models. And that could only mean a more durable and shinier product.


"The upcoming new iPhone products are rumored to be water-proof and use new compound materials to hide the antenna..."

Not only that. DigiTimes' source also says the device will be waterproof. The two rumors could be physically linked as the aforementioned "new materials" could be the reason behind this new characteristic.

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That being said, these are still just rumors. For all we know, the next iPhone could still be the same expensive hi-tech metal-glass-plastic creations that don't play well with liquids.

But if it's the other way around, well, good job, Apple! You've just made the dream of fanboys everywhere to take a shower selfie a step closer to reality.

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Seriously though, make this happen.

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